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August 03, 2006



Lovely pictures... except that you can really tell you "slept" in a tent. Camping isn't for sissies, that's for sure!

OUR big "camping test" came in the form of a bike camping trip (yes, the pedal kind) to Mankato and back. Every day we'd pedal, and every night I'd apologize for the nasty names I was calling him under my breath. But we survived it -- that was 25 years ago! Either it's good or it isn't, and camping is one of the fastest ways to find that out!

Glad you had fun -- and came back together!! :-)


Happy to see that you made it through. Even happier to see the photos of your wedding. What splendid and quaint settings. Even happier to see Robbye's continued good taste in music, ie the Beautiful Girls and more Mason. I'm telling you: try Joe Purdy, Matt Costa, and Donavon Frankenreiter!!



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